Day 2: Torres Del Paine

Day 2: Campamento Serón – Refugio Dickson – Los Perros (est. 32km)

In the guide published by Steve at, he said this day would be challenging. And it lived up to its billing. Starting at a time I thought was relatively early (7:30AM, once again little did I know), it was a winding hike over hills and plains to get to Refugio Dickson, a beautiful spot in the shade of a glacier.

In the last of the pictures above, you can see Refugio Dickson off in the distance. And all that hiking was before lunch.

Afterwards, the trail curved around a mountain, through more densely wooded areas, still next to a river. I know, its all beautiful, but when you have 35 lbs of poorly distributed weight on your back, getting to camp becomes a major priority. I’ll admit I didn’t give this trail its due – it was beautiful in its own way, and the seclusion was complete. No one else was on this path, as it is not nearly as popular as the “W” circuit.

Finally, after a somewhat steep ascent, I came to a glacial lake close to the Los Perros site – it was beautiful, even more so because I knew it signaled the end of that day’s hiking.


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