An introductory spiel

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

I started this site – my first foray into blogging – due to the overwhelming need to track my thoughts, pictures, and experiences from my past year of traveling. While I don’t travel at a frequency near enough to merit consistent blog posts, I hope that the record of the trips I’ve taken will be edifying- sights for your eyes, thoughts from my mind, and some notes on planning.

I am an amateur blogger and amateur (being generous) photographer, so it is a safe bet to magnify my words and pictures in your mind to get a sense for the real experience. Lately, my adventures have been hiking-intensive (at least from my perspective as a novice!) so that will mean landscapes, glaciers, and mountains, oh my!

I’ll close this note with a little bit about me, so you have a context for framing my perspective: I am a recent college grad, raised in Michigan, and a probationary New Yorker. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking (I boast a basic-proficiency), exercising (I’m a reluctant NARP), and participating in amateur sports leagues (volleyball, ultimate frisbee, flag-football).

That’s it for now – onto the real content!



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